Timberridge is a special place

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It’s not the only place with pine trees in the Prescott area.  Timberridge is not the only place with scenic mountain views in the Prescott area.  And it’s not the only place that is directly adjacent to thousands of acres of National Forest.  What makes Timberridge special is that you can get all of this and still live within city limits.  One can take Montezuma Street south from the downtown area and meet up with Copper Basin Road in about a mile.  Follow Copper Basin Road for another mile and find the sign for Timberridge on the left.  1/2 mile away is the 1.8 million acre Prescott National Forest.  There are paved streets, city water, city sewer and city garbage service.  It’s streets are maintained by the city of Prescott.  On top of that, there are nice amenities like; indoor pool, outdoor pool, tennis courts, playground, picnic area and a clubhouse.  The indoor pool is pretty rare in Prescott.  HOA fees here are around $750 per year.

Timberridge is wisely designed to blend with its environment.  Homes are required to be built with natural siding or natural looking siding   Home colors also must blend with the natural surroundings.  Most homes are a shade of green or brown.  Yards here are mostly natural vegetation with few grass lawns.

Timberridge sits at about 5,700 feet elevation.  It snows more here more than downtown Prescott at 5,300 feet.  From Timberridge one can see Wolverine Peak (6,700 feet) and Mount Francis (7,100 feet) to the south and west.  East lies the city of Prescott, north lies Granite Mountain.  One can walk from their home and be in forested wilderness within minutes.  There is trail access on the south side of Timberridge to the national forest.  From Timberridge, if you go 1 mile up Copper Basin Road you will find access to trail 391, this trail will take you to heavily forested areas of the area.  A mile and a half further up Copper Basin, you will find the scenic Aspen Creek trail.  You will see plenty of wildlife in the mountains west of Timberridge like Deer and Javelina.

Timberridge Real Estate Market Report-Nov 2017 to January 2018

Neighborhood Stats:

  • Location: 2 miles southwest of downtown Prescott
  • Neighborhood size: 520 homes
  • Townhome Sizes: 1300-1800 square feet
  • Home sizes: 1300-5600 square feet
  • Lot sizes: .1-.85 acre
  • Condo price range: $170,000-$300,000
  • Home price range: $320,000-$750,000
  • Home age range: 1985– present
  • Home style: contemporary. real and artificial wood
  • HOA: Yes
  • Topography: hilly
  • Amenities: indoor pool, outdoor pool, community center, tennis, hiking trails

FAQ’s about Timberridge

  • Question: I heard it snows more there than other places in Prescott and it’s right up against the mountains.  Am I going to be able to get around in the winter?
  • Answer: Average snowfall is 13″ for Prescott but 2-3 feet in the mountainous areas southwest of Prescott.  All roads are paved and the city of Prescott does a great job of plowing roads in the area.
  • Question: I heard that the HOA there is very strict.
  • Answer:  The HOA  is designed to keep neighborhood property values up by monitoring the construction of custom homes as far as color and exterior composition.  The HOA has rules concerning street parking and the home and yard maintenance.

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