Elite homes in a scenic historic area.

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Some History of the Ranch at Prescott

140 years ago Bullwacker Ranch was here with a mine where Prescott gateway Mall is now. From the Arizona Miner Newspaper;

April 2, 1875: “Kent and McHenry have purchased the Salvador Mine, otherwise known as ‘Bullwhacker Lode,’ some three miles east of Fort Whipple or four miles N.E. of Prescott.”

Aug. 11, 1876: “On Monday morning, we saw at the store of C. P. Head & Co., the nicest bar that Arizona has ever produced from quartz gold, so far as we have any knowledge. This was the result of 93 tons of rock from the Bullwhacker mine.”

March 23, 1877: “The Bull-whacker Mining Company has contracted with the Aztlan Mill for the reduction of 200 tons of gold ore from their mine. This mine has paid well, in the past, and will no doubt give a good account of itself in the future.”

Nov. 20, 1901: “Rumors of all sorts have been circulating in Prescott recently about rich strikes being made in the old Bullwhacker mine, located about three miles northeast of Prescott. The property was being worked by C. E. M. Beall, who found the shaft caved in, the timbers rotten, and the old mine generally in bad condition.” But the Miner hoped for the best: “When this is in operation, Prescott will be for the first time in its history within hearing distance of a mining whistle, although for years it has been the center of one of the best mining sections in the west.”

The Ranch at Prescott Today

Fast foward to 1988 when ADOT decided to rebuild the roads in the area.  Soon after, The Ranch at Prescott was born as a planned community.  The scenic hills are the perfect location to have built some of the nicest homes in the Prescott area.  The views from most homes here are breathtaking.   The Ranch at Prescott has an HOA that exists mostly to maintain the natural look of the area and insure that homes match their surroundings.


Neighborhood Stats:

  • Location: 3 miles east of downtown Prescott
  • Neighborhood size: 506 homes
  • Patio & Townhome Sizes: 1300-1800 square feet
  • Home sizes: 1300-5600 square feet
  • Lot sizes: .1-2.5 acres
  • Patio & Townhome price range: $170,000-$300,000
  • Home price range: $230,000-$5 million
  • Home age range: 1988– present
  • Home style: contemporary. real and artificial wood
  • HOA: Yes
  • Topography: hilly, semi-forested
  • Amenities: tennis, hiking trails

Nearby Exterior Amenities:

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